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Ask. Invite. Invoke.

Do you want to attend or host? Is your urge to become one of the Bacchae? If you want to take a deeper walk and be a Satyr, one of the Sileni or even Dionysus Himself... Tell us why modern maenadism might be for you and ask what you need to. There are no stupid questions, this is an unusual fine wine event! So ask anything without fear of offence.


REMEMBER: You will NOT get in without being on the guest list or having pre-bought a ticket if a ticketed event. Doors are locked for entry at a set time, late arrivals will not get in. No photos or video recording. The Maenads will take you down!


'Grand Sabbat' multi-day events may require face to face initial meet to determine appropriate mind set & suitability, however, we are not looking to recruit or evangelise. Be aware that a 'Cult' has a central dogma, structured hierarchy, po-faced seriousness, deny the individual and suffer a lack of wit: if you want that level of structure or indignation, please go elsewhere!

United Kingdom

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