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A Passion for Parties

 The Temple Of Dionysus was born in 1994 out of a passion to reclaim missing history. Not a belief system but a practical path of ancient enlightenment, the echoes of which resonate at the rave.  Since our inception, we’ve been committed to creating impactful and liberating experiences for ourselves to realise the eternal godhead within. 

Our intent is much more than simply making unforgettable gatherings, more than the forging of memories that endure long after the last guest leaves. We aim for tectonic shifts within the spirit of each attendee and raise the divine within each of us.

The History of Dionysus...? Well, that is a little more established than we as a group are! Essentially the longest lasting and widest spread spiritual system there has ever been. We started as a boozy knees up with crazy bitches up a mountain and a sound system. It has, to say the least, evolved. For instance, we now allow like-minded satyrs or any gender along the spectrum. Maenadism has always been academically pontificated upon and misunderstood, but remains pan-culturally influential.

The original source of the Christian saviour god myth, which - in exactly the opposite spirit - then became wrapped about with dogma, rules and and ascetic anti-pleasure morality. We reach back into the the past, where hedonism and spirituality can be the same thing and call upon Dionysus - the original Horned God, the witches' king, a lover and respecter of women and the ultimate wingman and icon for men secure in their masculinity. 

Contact us for essential reading or come to an event and feel the truth in your heart and gut. 

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Intoxication is a mental state not a liquid measurement. We aim to travel out and beyond our daily selves and take you with us! Art, poetry, dance and more: cultural euphoria via all the senses.

Libations (wine for toasts) are watered down in the Roman style. Wine of the Month is not. Take anything else before you arrive. No dealing, no exceptions.

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The Way of Disco Stu

Dance and music - the rhythmic pulse of a bass beat and it's echo within erotic experience... the headiness of losing yourself in sound... the immediate parallel universe created the second a good DJ hits that sweet spot. 

Movement is the baseline of any altered state. Every nightclub is a Temple and His presence can be felt there!

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The Arbiters & Atmosphericists

The Maenads are the source of our joy. They bring poetry, theatre, dance, invocation, madness and beauty. Trust them, desire them and follow their lead. 

The Maenads word is LAW and the final decision regarding appropriate behaviour.


Gender Identity & What Am I Going To Wear?!

The Temple is the ultimate safe space for gender fluidity. Dress code & identity code - the only rules are tolerance and self expression. Use our space to indulge and explore. Be bold, brave and beautiful. 

If you are masculine - go the whole hog and come Hyper-Male and glorious as a randy Satyr. Or tip the wink to the feminine in a classy dinner jacket and skirt. Glittery ball gown sitting bereft at the back of the wardrobe awaiting the right event? This is the right event.

 If you are feminine - it is maybe technically culturally easier to express yourself, but let us assure you that you will be within an admiring sisterhood, not competitive judgement. From hippy fairy to slut goddess, satiate your impulses and sink into cute girlieness or voluptuous womanhood. Stand proud.

Philippe Laurent Roland | Bacchante Ridi

Personal Safety

How to lose yourself without repercussions...? We drink, but not to the point of idiocy. We dance, but without smashing up the furniture or other dancers. Way more dangerous is an open mind. If you are of a 'trigger warning' mindset or easily offended by other peoples belief's or self-expressions, then stay away. 

Goats ridden at your own risk.

Image Credits

1: Willian Adolphe Bouguereau The Youth of Bacchus

2/3: McGregor 2021

4: Unknown

5: John Collier 

6: Unknown

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