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If invited, you will join with us in our ceremony, our church. If all you're looking for is a great night with dizzy, sexy people... Great! In fact, perfect.

If, however, during the night you feel moved in your soul; feel that something else is going on here... even better. Talk to us at the end (not when we're mid dance or ecstacy) and we'll see where it leads.

To be clear: we're not looking for converts and we don't care what anybody 'believes', but there is an 'us' and everyone needs friends!

Is this a Safe Space?


Masks, however, are often employed by most of us. An ancient and useful tool to assist in stepping out of ones daily self. In the days of Covid we need to clarify what we mean by masks - not the medical ones, the fancy fun ones: from basic domino to Venetian Carnivale ornate. Explore a hidden side of your nature by hiding your daily nature. Funny, sexy, artistic or animalistic, the choice is yours. Not obligatory, but most people will for a while.

Masks can also hide the tears of the folk who have been warned but didn't listen.

We are often asked - what do I wear? I don't want be the one that doesn't fit in or stands out. Let us assure you that it is the mindset that matters on this front. We want to give an opportunity to dress up and encourage creative costuming because it is joyful fun, but turn up in smart casual and you will be fine. Turn up dressed as a Nymph or Satyr and we will laud you to the skies!

I just arrived. What can I expect?

A slow start culminating in good bad behaviour. We are not going to break it down and tell you exactly what will happen! There is power & potency in the unknown, in being challenged or taken out of you comfort space by not knowing exactly what to expect! You CAN expect good natured, happy, open hearts and open minded people.


Trigger Warnings

The arc of freedom to express oneself without censorship ends in behaving like an ignorant thug. We are very tolerant, however, as mentioned, the Maenads word is law... Disobey them and spend the rest of your life wondering how you fucked up the best thing you ever had.

You'll be permanently barred.


Oh-Oh, don't touch me there, This is my No-No square

Some people are same sex orientated and some you can't easily tell. Some live under the table of life and gorge on anything that comes their way. All persuasions are welcome but do not assume and neither do not be insulted or offended if hit upon respectfully by your undesired non preference!

Be a big hearted grownup.


Sexual Tolerance

There will be theatrical antics of an erotic nature, both ridiculous and serious. This is the nature of the dance and we aim to challenge and inspire. 

We understand not necessarily being able to throw all YOUR inhibitions away, but high horses are unacceptable.

Is this a sex party? No. But people do get fruity towards the end of the night - as you all already do when music, alcohol and dancing are concerned. We, however, acknowledge and understand those motivations and drives as being potential expressions of the divine, so we deliberately use the ebb and flow of the erotic energy in the room for the beneficence of all. 



The Maenads would tear men apart and eat them. Don't be Pentheus (look it up).

Don't fuck up and punch someone. Zero tolerance unless we organise a volunteer fight club circle. No one wins and participants may be consumed.



This is a spiritual event with deeply held beliefs and practices. It's religion, Jim, but not as you know it.

If you haven't gleaned from this site that we are very serious about the spiritual liberation that Maenadic worship of Dionysus can give... you'd best jog on.


What about Covid?

We are all triple vaccinated. We wear masks and social distance when legally required, however, we now feel willing and able to run the risk of sensible social contact. In days not so very long ago there were other terrible illnesses which were common and had no cure: tuberculosis, polio, smallpox, etc. People got on with their lives because they had to. 

We feel it acceptable to run the risk of the variants in the light of being vaccinated and that medical treatment is better nowadays. We do not trivialise this disease but have a sensible approach.

As per usual, please do not attend if you have fever, persistent cough, any other early warning symptoms or feel a bit green about the gills. 



This won't be what you are expecting.

This is not a fetish party or a kink club.

It's not a rave.

It's not a bar.

It's not a play.

It's a bit of everything, but most of all...

...this Is DIONYSUS!!



Our Policy

A forest is not very accessible. A venue might be. We do what we can.

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