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The Temple Of Dionysus

The Divine Madness of Maenads, Intoxication & Dark Theatre.

Based in the UK, but with like minded affiliates across the world.

The Gathering

Sat 27th & Sun 28th Apr 2024

Dumfries & Galloway Location

It begins with you, an audience, a witness... in a place where psychological ritual meets erotic performance, and ends with all on the dance floor.

If you want to drink, then come... 

If you want to dance, then come...

If you want to resonate with and tread the ancient

spiritual path of the God of Theatre, Women & Wine, then come...

Ticket Only Event

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39god kneelin circle blur.jpg

Laughter. Euphoria. Liberation.

Creating a Modern Space for the Ancient Divine

At the Temple of Dionysus we believe in transformative sexuality, joyous vulgarity, loud music and a jolly good piss up, creating moments that leave a lasting impression. What differentiates us from a night out in Newcastle is our spirituality. WTF? we hear you cry...

ALL intoxication, including that of the flesh, can be a communion with the divine.  We create distinctive events that acknowledge that the past held much wisdom. Using ritual drama and music, tailored to our specific needs and desires, we build a Modern Temple environment such as Dionysus himself would feel at home in. Our shamanic blend of Maenad Priestesses, fine wine and banging music shot through with freedom, humour and truth-saying, ignites a fire that calls the god Himself. 

Get in touch to learn reality.

Welcome To The Mania

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Enter The Forest

The Gathering

Event Options

What, When & How...

Obviously, during lockdown our extended gatherings were on hold. But now things are starting to change, we are beginning again and invite you to step back into life and all it's intoxicating glory! 

Described below are a few of the past and future formats...

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Come To Us


At an indoor venue we host irregular nights of the senses. Doors are locked for arrivals after a set time & those running late will not get in. There is an absolute veto on photographs or filming. 

Next Event

                                  Sat 27th & Sun 28th Apr 2024

                                  Dumfries & Galloway Location


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Come To The Forest


At a privately owned outdoor location, a rough and ready wild camping experience. You must have attended at least three previous indoor Temple nights and be sponsored by a Maenad. These events can go on all night...

Normal Silenus.jpg

Come To You

Your Place

If you already have something going, something like-minded, let's meet up. We travel. We educate. We learn. And we party like it's 600BC!

Contact Us

United Kingdom


Image Credits

1: Maria Daniels 1981 Museo de Arte de Toledo

2/3/4/5: McGregor 2021

6: Claus707 2018 Bacchanale

7: Sergey Solomko

8: Albert Ernst

9: Pierre-Paul Rubens

10: McGregor 2021

11: Gustave Dore Maenads in a wood MFA Boston

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